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A New Bowling  Archive


People and places tell stories. They tell the multiple stories held in the fabric of their being. They tell stories of the now-ness of things, and of the then-ness of things. In some cases they tell stories of the possible future of things. You might say, these accumulations of stories are archives of what has been and what is happening.

If Bowling village itself was an archive, what stories would it speak and what are the ways we could listen to these stories?

What could be told from the lines in its land, in its people, in the ruins on the beaches or the ruins by the road? What stories are hidden along its railway lines or at the bottom of the canal? What are the stories it tells of now, of 2021? What stories need to get kept for future generations and how do we hold onto them?

The A New Bowling Archive is an amorphous document that gives a viewer insight into both the historical and present condition of this place and its people, told by its current condition and inhabitants.

It is an artwork in its ownright; a cosmopolitan snapshot, a creative document, an incentive to speak out loud important stories. It is a living article of this moment in time comprised of what is here right now, and what this place (and its people) holds.

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