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Hydra Arts Artist In Residence: 2021


The Hydra Arts Artist In Residence throughout 2021 will be local artist Nic Green. As part of their role, nic will contribute to the activities offered as part of the village artist, as well as helping evolve the understanding of Hydra Arts as a community focused organisation.


 Here’s a little note from Nic:

My name is Nic and I have lived in bowling for nearly 5 years.


For the past 16 years I have worked in theatre, dance, community and outdoor performance as a performer, director, community artist and teacher. Over the past few years I have been working more and more in pottery, which is something I loved when I was younger and was in fact, what got me into the creative arts in the first place. At the moment I am really interested in where working with clay can become an event, or feel a bit like a performance in that it might have a start and an end, or it might bring people together (even if we have to be inventive about how we do that at the moment!). Throughout 2021 I will be creating a series of ‘pottery events’ in the village, starting with Bowling Bowl-ing, where I will equip villagers to create their own bowl. Hopefully one day in the future we can use these bowls to share soup, or perhaps exhibit them in an outdoor gallery, or in the village hall.


I am also thinking about other, larger clay events we might do together, such as building a communal bread/pizza oven in the village, or having a huge pit fire on the beach, where we can fire lots of clay pieces in one, ceremonial, go.

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