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Hydra Arts is a project about local, professional arts practice based in Bowling Village, West Dumbartonshire.

We believe in the establishment of an arts practice that serves the village, its people and its ecology, as well as that which borders and interacts with this place. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, we deliver and commission professional arts projects that aim to celebrate and sustain the living community.

From this village on the outskirts of Glasgow, we uphold an international practice, inspired by the works and research of those near and far, while maintaining a local focus.

We are a porous, multi-headed entity, and believe that art making shouldn’t just happen in arts contexts. We believe the studio/gallery/performance space is the village, and the village is Bowling. We therefore support artists and projects that are interested in the intersection of art making and place making, and are particularly excited to see a development in thinking and practice where artists are given the power to produce and maintain systems for engagement between people and place.

Artists who run a year round arts programme in a village.

artists who run the local shop

artists who look after green spaces

artists on the council

artists as town planners

artists who run local childcare

artists as social workers

artists as artists

artists as archivists

artists as activists

the list is an exhaustive dream, but one we’re happy to embrace and build on as we move into our precarious future.

Thanks for visiting.

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