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Who We Are

Hydra Arts was founded in 2019 by Peter McMaster who has since enjoyed sharing the resources and projects of Hydra with numerous artists and organisations to create exciting and meaningful opportunities and art works. Thinking about Hydra as more of a collective it embraces collaboration as foundational to its identity. Ideas, approaches and outcomes are all dependent on the co-creation of the people and communities it works with on all its projects.

In this collective model and from project to project, roles and responsibilities shift about between personnel whether that is across the roles of producing, artistic directorship, collaborating, advising, performing etc. In this model, Hydra resists pigeon holing its collaborators and directors into sole roles, and enjoys the experience of learning in different positions. 


 Hydra would like to thank and honour all the artists, organisations, participants and individuals whom it has worked with to date including regular collaborators Nic Green, Rachel O'Neill, Joe Dalton, Craig McCorquadale, Lottie Barker and the Old Kilpatrick Players, as well as Steven Anderson, Martin O'Connor,  Hanna Tuulikki, Lesley Howard, Oli Higham, Lucy Duncombe, West Dunbartonshire Council, Clifftop Projects, The Phoenix Centre, OKFP, Lydia Honeybone, Action Old Kilpatrick, Amy Gear, Ruiairidh ODonnovan, Simon Whitehead and many many more.

Our Board

 Peter McMaster

Peter is an artist who has been working nationally and internationally for 15 years. His work is mainly in performance, however through many different collaborations he tends to find himself between roles and disciplines.

Lottie Barker

Lottie is a producer and creative arts facilitator based in Dumbarton and has been running Clifftop Projects since April 2020.

Lottie has had a varied career in the arts working with organisations such as Arts 4 Dementia, the British Ballet Organisation, Dance House Glasgow, Joan Cleville Dance, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Scottish Ballet and a continued relationship with Scottish Dance Theatre.

Lucy Gaizely


For 2024/2025 Sam Trotman will be advisor to the board, working on governance and policy.

How we do things

Hydra Arts are committed to providing accessible and inclusive opportunities for artists and participants. we work to a series of policies relating to equal opportunities, fair work and within a safeguarding framework. Please see policies below for more information.

Hydra Arts keep up to date training in mental health first aid, safeguarding, anti racism and disability awareness, and where possible, offer these opportunities to the artists we work with.

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