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The Village Artist

You’ve heard of the village butcher, baker and candlestick maker right?

well what about the village artist?

The Village Artist is a radical new arts project, specifically tailored for the people and places of Bowling Village West Dunbartonshire.

Initially a research project throughout 2021 with an entirely community focused art and creative output, this year-long endeavour seeks to legitimise the role of the ‘artist’ in village life.

Throughout the year, a wide range of accessible artistic and creative events and workshops will be offered to the residents of Bowling Village, through Bowling Creators Club, to both identify and support that which is already made here.  To find out a bit more about events that are happening, or sign up to receive all up to date news by emailing

The Village Artist will also exist as a negotiator between villagers and councillors, between individuals and other organisations working in similar ways, and as a visionary tool to help imagine how the world can be a bit different.

Hopefully we’ll see you about...

This project as been made possible with support from Creative Scotland
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