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Hydra Arts is  based out of West Dunbartonshire. We make ambitious, participatory, accessible and once-in-a-lifetime original art works with and for the communities we engage with.

We believe in dreaming big and offering people the opportunities to engage with the creation of ideas and art works that aren't necessarily expected in the places, areas and times we work in.


We believe in collaboration with artists, participants, volunteers and organisations to make projects happen and see this as part of our community ethos.

We believe in intergenerational and intercultural practice, and we try our best to create accessible entry points for people from all walks of life to feel part of our work and vision.

We believe in acceptance, change, adaptability, opportunities for learning and growth, in people and in ourselves.

we believe in creating cultures of care, and appreciate that we can always do better at being active participants in this ideal. 

We believe in nurturing a local community focus inspired by an international outlook.

And we believe in having a right good time!


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